The production of meaning
The Soft Capitalism
The entrepreneurs are more behaving like artists!
If you don’t look good you won't be hired
The Politics of Club Cards
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…
Have you noticed the immaterial form of labour?
This is all bullshit
Food and the contemporary society
Are you working in your holidays?
The Displacement of Work!
The materiality of the web!
The relationship between what has been said and what is understood
Image and Text / Practice and Speaking
What to do now?
The practice of emulation
Popular culture
Preservation Strategy
No one rules if no one obeys
Ugliness is the lack of possibility
Everything is connected to everything else
Clean more to get more dirt!
Undifferentiated Mass
The Sense of Ending
<<<A bell rings in the distance >>>
Now everything is mediated

Everything moved to a representation –

The integrity of the events
Construction of Situations
Commodity fetishism
The Chain Reaction
The obligation of individuals to the society -
The Colonization of Subjectivity
Relations between people relates to the objects
The map is not the territory
The time of reification
Transforming the actual reality into the idealized reality
>>>Welcome to the stereotyped world <<<
Fantasy imagination and fabrication